About The International ScreenDance Festival

In the past, we have operated from the platforms of the Iowa Dance Festival and the Iowa International ScreenDance Festival. Due to the international reach of the ScreenDance portion of our festivals, this year, we are beginning the transition of changing the “Iowa International ScreenDance Festival” to the “International ScreenDance Festival.” Over the past few years, we have realized that this Festival has the potential to reach across oceans. This has driven us to make the Festival more inclusive, broad, and hopefully a soon-to-be official nonprofit status organization!

This has been a massive leap, but we do not want it to put a “pause” in our operations! We invite anyone and everyone to apply. Films will be separated into two categories: Student and Professional. Each category will have two awards - The Award for Outstanding ScreenDance (decided by our curatorial team) and the People’s Choice Professional Film Artists Award (decided by our viewers!).

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The Team

Headshot of Eloy Barragan.

Eloy Barragan

Founder and Director
A headshot of Shannon Hartle.

Shannon Hartle

A headshot of Tatum

Tatum Beynon

Director of Communications